Years before the breeding of Section A’s started there was:


Highnoon and Vanessa in 1968 that’s 41 years ago!


Then we had a number of partbreds!


Then there was the Section D’s:

Rotherdale Actor - 1981


Kentchurch Cariad - 1991

cariad cariad2

Kentchurch Reality


Then we discovered our first Section A! Ovington Aphrodite

aph - Copy - Copy

With her foal Ronswood Alice

a_gab - Copy - Copy

Other Ronswood Ponies:

There were the up’s

IMG - Copy - Copy

Ronswood Alice

Project1 - Copy - Copy

Ronswood Atlantis

web_180 - Copy - Copy
web_034 - Copy - Copy

Ronswood Gamble
2nd Royal Welsh 1999 & 3rd 2000

Champion Home Produced Lead Rein Pony

Project4 - Copy - Copy

Ronswood Gabriella
2nd Royal Welsh 1997

TMP13_edited - Copy - Copy
web27 - Copy - Copy

Ronswood Galaxy
Champion Home Produced Lead Rein Pony

web_207 - Copy - Copy
IMG_0464 - Copy - Copy

Ronswood Generous
5th Royal Welsh 1997
Champion Home Produced Lead Rein Pony

mmm - Copy - Copy

Ronswood Generous ridden by Georgina and lead by Amber

IMG_4063 - Copy - Copy

Ronswood Sunita
4th Royal Welsh 2007
2nd Royal Welsh 2008
Champion Home Produced Filly

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